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State Wildlife Grants/Federal Aid Reports


The links below are annualreports for the Endangered and Nongame Species Programs's State Wildlife Grants and Federal Aid project funding.

The reports cover endangered, threatened and rare wildlife conservation projects.

State Wildlfe Grants/Federal Aid Reports
 2014-2015 State Wildlife Grants Endangered, Threatened and Rare Wildlife Conservation Projects Interim Report   1.7mb
 2014-2015 State Wildlife Grants Landscape and Technical Guidance Interim Report   420kb
 2014-2015 Species of Greatest Conservation Need Research and Management Interim Report   445kb
 2014-2015 Species of Greatest Conservation Need Mammal Research and Management Interim Report   650kb
 2014-2015 Endangered & Threatened Wildlife Conservation Final Report   430kb
 2013-2014 Species Interim Reports   1.6mb
 2013-2014 Landscape Project Interim Report   405kb
 2012-2013 Species Reports   2.9mb
 2012-2013 Landscape Project   315kb
 2012-2013 Technical Guidance   115kb
 2011-2012 Species Reports   3.1mb
 2011-2012 Landscape Project   365kb
 2011-2012 Technical Guidance   95kb
 2010-2011 Species Reports   2.0mb
 2010-2011 Landscape Project   86kb
 2010-2011 Technical Guidance   114kb
 2009-2010 Species Reports   1.7mb
 2009-2010 Landscape Project   85kb
 2009-2010 Technical Guidance   86kb
 2008-2009   1.3mb
 2007-2008   1.1mb
 2006-2007   1.0mb
 2005-2006   1.0mb
 2004-2005   630kb
 2003-2004   450kb

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