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2010-2011 Beaver & Otter Trapping Regulations and Permit Information

Beaver and River Otter Trapping Season Extended to February 23

Permits obtained from the Division of Fish and Wildlife are required to trap beaver and/or otter. The application period is October 1 - 31 annually. Beaver Permits cost a total of $17.00 ($15.00 permit fee and $2.00 application fee). There is only a $2.00 application fee for Otter Permits. Applicants who elect to have their permits mailed to them will have an addition fee applied.

The trapping season for beaver and otter is December 26, 2010 through February 9, 2011 inclusive, with the exception of Beaver trapping on state Wildlife Management Areas where pheasant or quail are released. The duration of the trapping season for beaver on these 23 State Wildlife Management Areas shall be January 1 through February 9, 2011, inclusive. If the anticipated harvest of beaver and/or otter has not been accomplished during this season, up to 14 additional days may be authorized by the Director.

A random drawing will be held to determine permit holders. Beaver permit holders will be given first opportunity for otter permits in their respective zones. Unclaimed permits may be issued over-the-counter. Only one application per person may be submitted.

Applicants will be notified of their results during the week of November 15, 2010. Beginning November 16, 2010 successful applicants can claim their awarded permit(s) at any License Agent or via the online website. If both a beaver and an otter permit are awarded they must be claimed at the same time; trappers will not have the option of only claiming one. All awarded permits must be claimed prior to 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, December 12, 2010. Unclaimed permits will get returned to the permit quota and become available for over-the-counter sales.

All unclaimed and un-awarded permits will go on sale beginning 10 a.m. on Tuesday, December 14, 2010. These over-the-counter sales are first come- first served. Permits can be purchased at participating license agents or via the online sales site.

Site-Specific Beaver Permits: Applicants may apply for one Site-Specific Beaver Permit. The total number of permits available shall not exceed 14. Site-specific Permits will be issued for specific locations or properties where the Division has determined that beaver damage or nuisance problems exist.

A random drawing will be held to determine permit holders; however, applicants unsuccessful in obtaining the special permit through the random drawing will be given first opportunity. Permits will be valid only during the special beaver, trapping season.

Bag and Trap Limits: The season limit for beaver trapping is 8 beaver per permit and 10 beaver per Site-Specific permit. Each beaver trapper shall be restricted to a maximum of five traps. Holders of both a regular Permit and a Site-Specific Permit may use five additional traps per Site-Specific Permit provided they are used only on the property or site specified in the Site-Specific Permit.

The season limit for otter trapping is one otter (regardless of the number of permits). Each otter trapper is restricted to a maximum of three traps. Otter Permits, Beaver Permits and Site-Specific Beaver Permits are valid only in the zone or site designated and are not transferable from person to person.

Please note that the tentative date for pelt registration and otter carcass collection is Saturday, February 19, 2011. All permit holders will get materials and instructions mailed to them in December. Please refer to page 70 of the 2010 Hunting Digest for trapping regulations and information.

Beaver and Otter Management Zone Map - Low Resolution (jpg, 100kb) High Resolution (jpg, 900kb)
Beaver and Otter Management Zone Descriptions (pdf, 26kb)

Permit quotas are listed below.

Zone Beaver
Portions of Counties Involved
1 8 7 Sussex
2 16 7 Sussex
3 9 2 Bergen, Morris, Passaic, Sussex
4 7 3 Sussex, Warren
5 12 2 Sussex, Warren
6 20 9 Morris, Passaic, Sussex, Warren
7 9 3 Essex, Morris, Passaic
8 8 6 Ocean
9 7 3 Burlington, Ocean
10 8 4 Atlantic, Burlington, Camden
11 6 5 Atlantic, Burlington, Ocean
12 3 2 Atlantic, Camden, Gloucester
13 8 14 Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland
14 2 7 Atlantic, Cumberland, Gloucester, Salem
15 2 12 Cumberland, Salem
16 6 4 Atlantic, Burlington
17 5 2 Atlantic
18 3 5 Atlantic, Cape May
19 7 1 Hunterdon, Morris, Warren
20 3 1 Hunterdon, Morris
21 1 0 Hunterdon, Morris, Somerset
22 1 0 Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Morris, Passaic, Somerset, Union
23 1 0 Bergen, Hudson, Passaic
24 3 0 Hunterdon, Mercer, Somerset
25 5 0 Burlington, Mercer, Middlesex, Somerset
26 3 1 Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth
27 1 1 Monmouth, Ocean
28 8 0 Burlington, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth
29 8 0 Burlington, Camden, Gloucester
30 6 5 Camden, Cumberland, Gloucester, Salem
Total 186 106  

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