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Muskellunge Breeder at Hackettstown

Bob Olsen and Craig Lemon with muskie breeder

Hatchery Superintendent Bob Olsen and Crew Supervisor Craig Lemon hold a 34-pound muskellunge netted in Greenwood Lake. The fish measured 46.6 inches.

This "breeder" and others like it will be used to produce muskies for Mercer Lake, Lake Hopatcong, Greenwood Lake, Mountain Lake, Echo Lake Reservoir and the Delaware River.

Hackettstown Hatchery staff will also cross the muskies with northern pike to produce "Tiger Muskies" for stocking in Rancocas Creek, Carnegie Lake, Deal Lake, Manasquan Reservoir, Shadow Lake, Lake Hopatcong, Shenandoah Lake, the D&R Canal (10 mile), Little Swartswood Lake, and Furnace Lake. Other waters which have received "Tigers" are Sunset Lake, Union Lake, Spruce Run Reservoir, Mercer Lake, Farrington Lake, Weston Mill Pond, Budd Lake and the Delaware River.

For a complete list of fish raised at Hackettstown for New Jersey's public waters click here.

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