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2001 Deer Permit Supplement

IMPORTANT NOTICE - See our news release about the new trial sale process for deer permits starting this fall.

The 2001 Deer Permit Supplement is available in PDF format. For your convenience it has been broken into five separate sections, with file sizes provided. The complete supplement is also available but is a much longer download.

Click for list of over-the-counter sale locations.

Entire 2001 Deer Permit Supplement (1.27mb)

Pages 1 - 4: Important Changes for 2001-2002; Permit Quota Table; Application Information; Over-the-Counter Sale Information; and Disabled Veteran's Deer Permit Information. (200kb)

Pages 5 - 6: Deer Management Zone Descriptions; Telephone Directory; and Application Instructions. (136kb)

Page 7: 2001 Deer Permit Application Form. (59kb)

Pages 8 - 9: Deer Management Zones Map. (962kb)
Alternate Deer Management Zone Map (GIF, 25kb)

Pages 10 - 16: Regulation Sets 1 & 2; Special Area Hunting Season Information; Public Deer Hunting Land; and Map Information. (127kb)

PDF Information
PDF files can be viewed and printed with the Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free from Adobe's Web site.

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