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Vernal Pool Survey Project Update 2002

Vernal pool

Despite drought conditions, 2002 was a very productive year for the Vernal Pool Survey Project. Here are some of the highlights of this year's efforts:

Spring 2003 - A Call for Vernal Pool Volunteers

This coming March, the Endangered and Nongame Species Program (ENSP) will hold our second set of vernal pool training seminars, which will include both a lecture covering vernal pool ecology, protection, and species identification, as well as a field trip to a vernal pool to demonstrate survey techniques. At each training, volunteers can select a survey area, which can be either specific pools or tracts of land containing complexes of pools. ENSP staff will provide maps of selected areas, data collection sheets and a variety of educational materials to help you locate the pool and identify the various amphibians and reptiles you may encounter. Survey efforts will be focused between February and June, which is when amphibian activity at vernal pools is at its peak.

Because the protection of vernal pools depends upon the documentation of certain amphibians and reptiles, we encourage anyone who cares about wildlife and these sensitive, biologically rich wetland habitats to become a volunteer. The ENSP can't do it alone! Please stay tuned to this web page to see when and where this year's seminars will take place.

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