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New Jersey's State Wildlife Action Plan
An Introduction


In 2000, Congress created the federal State Wildlife Grant Program to help states conserve imperiled wildlife species, particularly those that are not traditionally hunted or fished. The grant program required states to develop State Wildlife Action Plans identifying "Species of Greatest Conservation Need" (SGCN), their habitats, threats to their survival, and conservation actions to address these threats. This resulted in the development of New Jersey's first Wildlife Action Plan in 2006, a minor revision to that plan in 2008, and now the first full revision to the plan in 2017. The following sections describe the purpose and intent of the Plan, guide the reader through its various components, and generally serve as an introduction to the 2017 update to New Jersey's State Wildlife Action Plan (pdf, 32mb).

(Note: The following links will navigate the reader to the cover of the 2017 Plan. The plan document itself is extensively bookmarked and hyperlinked for convenient navigation.)

Executive Summary (see page i)(pdf, 32mb): A general summary of the purpose, foundation, goals and objectives of the 2017 plan.

Roadmap to the Eight Required Elements (see page ix) (pdf, 32mb): A section detailing for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service review committee how New Jersey addressed each of the "eight required elements" necessary for Plan approval.

Guide to New Jersey's State Wildlife Action Plan (see page xiii) (pdf, 32mb): A concise overview of the Plan and its different sections to help readers navigate the document and find the information they need. It includes an inventory of the appendices or attachments that support each section.

Introduction (see page 1) (pdf, 32mb): The formal beginning of the Plan, comprehensively discussing the background and purpose of New Jersey's 2017 State Wildlife Action Plan update, the changes between New Jersey's original 2006 and 2008 plans and the current 2017 update, and a summary of Wildlife Action Plan implementation successes over the past decade.

The formal comment period for the revised NJ State Wildlife Action Plan has closed. We intend, however, to ensure that the Plan is a living document, and we welcome your continued input. The Plan will remain on our website with the ability to accept comments, which will be considered as we continue the process of assessing threats and developing and prioritizing appropriate conservation actions, for Conservation Focal Areas, focal species and their habitats.

Please use the form below to submit comment on this Introduction only; there are separate comment forms for each aspect of the Plan.
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The Division of Fish and Wildlife thanks all who reviewed the NJ State Wildlife Action Plan and submitted comments.

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